Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 installation…

So I got CoDMW:2 today from Best Buy. Big mistake to even purchase it right now for PC I guess.

They force you to use Steam (Valve Corporation), and well Steam is a Steaming Pile of Shit. Initially I tried to run the install from the disc, then the steam client would pop up and tell me “Cannot connect to Steam Network, try again later…” OK, so I start looking at this crap and their support info…none of it’s useful, but I give it a shot.

I have a pentium 3, 600mhz machine acting as router/firewall/IDS. It’s configured pretty reasonably, never have any problems with applications, and I know how to configure RRAS in Windows 2000 Server. I start opening the UDP ports Steam requires on my firewall software. Still doesn’t work. I start mapping UDP ports through NAT, still doesn’t work. I start running the Steam client and watching the NAT mappings every time I do to make sure it’s getting a connection, and it is. I disable Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition and still no luck. I even run my PC through my cell phone for an internet connection and no luck. I try running the steam client in TCP mode, still doesn’t work. I’m not sure what I finally did, but I got the damn thing to finish installing the Steam client and connect to their network to register.

After doing that, putting in my CD key it decides to DOWNLOAD the entire game…WTF?!?!?! I have it on DVD for christ’s sake. So I close the Steam client and start the installation again from the DVD and it decides, “oh, well he has the DVD, we can install from that”. Finally get it going and it didn’t even let me pick where the install would go (minor annoyance).

So now i’m waiting for this slow ass install to run, and I’m not exactly happy. Crysis, Ghost Recon, FarCry, Section 8, they all install much faster than this. I’m not sure what this Steaming Piece of Shit client is doing, but it’s god awful slow.

If it wasn’t Call of Duty MW:2 I would have returned the game as uninstallable by now. I probably will avoid any Steaming Piles of Shit in the future. Direct2Drive is MUCH BETTER if you want to get a game. Unfortunately I checked Direct2Drive today before Best Buy and they didn’t have CoDMW:2 available.

After this crap finally finishes installing (going on half an hour now) I’ll play it a bit and actually discuss the long awaited sequel to CoD4 :)

~ by g0thicicecream on November 10, 2009.

47 Responses to “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 installation…”

  1. seriously this steam crap is fucking shit!

  2. oh yeah i got one problem , it says ‘installed’ but wheni click play it starts downloading it from fucking steam , help me?

    • Basically, stop the download then run the install again from the dvd. It should not bother with the download and install from the dvd once steam has successfully been installed and it is able to log in.

  3. me too! im installing this shit..i cant wait but it takes too much time to install fuck this! i waited all this time for this shit..anyways its 16GB…
    you know gta iv 16gb too..but it installed on my pc in 15 mins!

  4. INSTALLING:7 hours 25 minutes

    INSTALLED: 0/10216 MB

    Disk 1

    Shit Balls. Roll em n’ Throw. I payed $60 for this to test my patience.

    Steam needs to speed things up. This is the 21st century! We don’t use STEAM-ENGINES anymore!

  5. I am a Fan of COD in fact I have the entire collection, but I have to agree with the rest of the people in here, Steam is really a pain in the neck, the game’s installation another problem I do understand this is done for security reason, but really this went beyond ridicules. Definitely I will reconsider in the future to buy other COD.

  6. this steam is a bloody joke
    we use high end cad software , with much less crap to put up with

  7. I have the exact same problem. Should never have put the CD in can’t use steam at all now.

    Too bad you don’t know what fixed your problem.

    • Your best bet, and I do not recommend leaving it this way, turn off your antivirus software and any firewall (or plug your internet connection directly into your machine if using a router).

      Before you do that, make sure “Enable NetBIOS” is disabled on your nic, I would also go into local security policy and only allow Administrators access to your computer from the network.

      Uninstall the steam client, put the disk in and let it go through the motions. Once you successfully connect to steam, re-enable your firewall and antivirus software and undo the allow access to your computer from the network in local security policy and it will probably work.

      Steam has a post on what ports to allow through firewalls somewhere. I currently use a machine with 2 nics and windows 2003 server as a router and didn’t need to allow any ports using NAT for the routing, so it’s probably not neccessary.

      Good luck.

  8. I thought you might find it interesting that I have had steam working without errors for about 2 years with css and originally 1.6 cs. The stupid thing I did was install directly from the disk. It tried to load up steam and stuffed me up. I should have logged in first and done it through steam.

  9. I love COD MW2

  10. Got this game for my son’s birthday, been installing for 5 hours now. Shoulda done my homework. At this rate it’ll be installed in time for his next b-day.
    Is there anything good about steam?

  11. This game should have directions like on a paint can.
    Like “Takes 24 hrs to cure”
    I think MW2 should be in Guiness world records for longest game to install

  12. I too am pissed!! wtf is up with this install process? Steam isnt dead yet? had i known i would have to deal with steam i would definatly not purchassed this.

  13. can someone help me please go on modern warfare 2 infitny wards homepage and show them this page and say there need stop useing FUCKING STEAM MY FRIEND GOT PERMENT BANNED FOR NO REASON TELL THEM TO USE PUNKBUSTER

  14. installing 10 hours 5 minutes
    installed 1264/11323 mb

    i installed a cracked version of this to see if it runs on my pc,
    installation toke me 20 minutes!
    first it didnt read my disc very well, finally when it did read the disc i bought it installs so slowly!
    fukin steam!

  15. ive been trying to instal cod nw2 for ages for my nephew keeps coming up with error of product key and its a original copy. has anyone got suggestions

    • You’ll pretty much have to take it up with whoever you purchased it from, that’s about all you can do when you get an invalid key when installing a game. I would try steam first then back to the retailer.

  16. Forget it guys i have the lataest and greatest and it wont load at all tried turning off all the stuff you hear on the net.mem tests u name it but jack shit some of us got ripped of by buying the retail versions oh well backup is the Xbox works out of the carton go figure!! love my PC but this is crazy

  17. I Guesse I should’ve come checked this page out before clearing out my bank acc to purchace this game….. Damn…!@!!!

  18. was installin mine 4 an hour took cd out put back in went loads faster ……????

  19. guys steam isnt rely slow its either ur computer or the game. especially cod mw2 it has so much data in it.

  20. i got a new computer-installed codmw2 less than 20 or 30min

  21. I agree with you guys, I dont know how activision hooked up with Steam which is a bunch of shit, why the fuck do I have to download the game when I have to spend fucking dammed 60 bucks for two DVD, That s really bullshit. I love my laptop, I like to play games on laptop and I think they force us playing games on Xbox or PS3, fucking no way. I wont trade my laptop for an Xbox. I think Steam should be closed, I dont like shit on my way.

  22. p/s: sorry about the language, I am always angry when I talk about Steam.

  23. Try this, it worked for me:

    The fist time I tried installing the game, I had the same problem as you did. And was also very mad when I saw that I had to download the game, since I had the 2 DVDs next to me…

    Then I closed my Steam Client, so that I could still see it’s icon in my notification area (Windows – lower right hand side). I inserted Disk 1 again into my dvd drive, and clicked “reinstall” once the menu appeared. The game then installed from my DVD drive, instead of from the internet. Hope this helps!

  24. I have finally installed steeam, only to get a login, and logged in to it ,just to get a steam not responding. Originally I had installed the game with my 2 discs resistered everthing then the game would not play , so I uninstalled everything ,now I am tryingto reinstall the whole game, can you tell me during initial instalation when you would put the code key in before or after the steam download? If its before mine goes right to downloading steam nothing inbetween, This game was fun at first but its not worth all the time trying to reinstall it again. Hope maybe you can help ,before I just put it on the shelf.

  25. Hey i downloaded a Torrent Version of the game and i guess it uses a different installer than u guys. im at about half way on iw_15.iwd…. I cant remember the page i downloaded it from, but the dl took 9 hours? Its the real deal . time to own nubs online :D.
    if i find the page i will post it.

  26. i bought the game call of duty-modern warfare 2, pc dvd-rom games n inside only the file data\main\…IWD files are please help me how to install the game on my pc as the setup.exe is not present there…please help..

  27. Hey i downloaded a Torrent Version of the game and i guess it uses a different installer than u guys. im at about half way on iw_15.iwd…. I cant remember the page i downloaded it from, but the dl took 9 hours? Its the real deal . time to own nubs online .
    if i find the page i will post it.

  28. to Force MW2 to install from CD, do the followining.

    -Navigate to the Steam install directory and locate Steam.exe.
    -Right click on Steam.exe and click Create Shortcut. It should be automatically named Steam – Shortcut.
    -Right click on Steam – Shortcut and choose Properties.
    -In the properties window, adjust the target window to read as follows: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -install d:
    *make sure you include the quotation marks and all spacing. Change the d: to whatever drive letter reflects your own CD/DVD drive.

    -Click OK and run that shortcut. it should install from your CD from then. If you have any questions, email me at


    • Nice, hopefully that works out for people that have problems with the CD version of MW:2.

      I have to say, once steam is installed, it works great. I actually am quite pleased with steam after having it for the last year and a half or so. I’ve spent too much money due to their deals they run lol.

  29. I have played COD from the very first one that came out!My 14 year grand boy would take them tohis house(unbe knowing to me
    He tried each one in his laptop and i cant play any
    of mine because he entered all the key code in his.He can’t play Them Ether Watch your grand children!!!

  30. I have found a solution to this problem. First, let steam install itself from the dvd, then after the account is set up. Select the same install you did the first time with the steam running in the background. This will force Steam (The Crap) to install from the dvd… NO EXTRA DOWNLOADING…Worked for me.

  31. I know it’s been long since this post began…

    Just want to know if anybody fixed the problem… I’ve tried all the recommended solutions but nothing works, it still wants to download the thing.

    Got the game a week and haven’t played one minute so far…

  32. All of these things do not work, Im ready to burn my copy with a real fire!!!

  33. After almost a whole day of frustrations (and anger management) I finally got the game to install itself from CD too.
    It might be a combination of solutions I found on the web, but I think the most useful ones included:
    – log in to Steam, delete all content of COD MW etc.
    – close Steam and install from CD (select “setup” manually)
    – either that, or windows key + R which brings up the “run” menu. Now enter: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -install F:
    – and last but not least: delete cache / regedit. I use a little program called “CCleaner” and it’s free to use/download, you should google it.

    I was asked for a code, and no matter how many times I tried to install the game, it never asked me for the code again (it got verified and saved by Steam, though Steam then tries to install the game by downloading it.. Big flaw there).
    Hopefully this is useful to at least one of you! Trying to get Steam installed was a pain in the ass.. Trying to get COD MW2 installed a downright hell :/

  34. steam doesn’t work! in the fk*** website it shows that after install from the disc the game runs! but those’re a bunch of bullshit! actually the game installs from the disc but after when you click play now on installed games list at steam that fuck starts downloading again!
    fuck steam! really sad for gamers!

  35. i install this shitt
    Slow install 2 hours nccnc
    But the game is the best :D

  36. Awww, yeah!

  37. it took me about 4 hours to install modern wafare 3 wtf !!

  38. Mine takes two and a half hours for installation but its still not opening

  39. Hi can any one explain why when i first installed cod wm2 it played with out any problems brilliant game, then I uninstalled it then re installed it a few months later and the game now crashes or goes very slow or i just get a blank screen, i can play come of the levels but with bits of graphic missing, is it the Steam account which could cause this, I must of installed this game over a dozen times, why do they have too mess up an excellent game? please help.

  40. Steam is the worst software experience I have ever had. Trying to install COD Modern Warfare 2 has been like living a waking nightmare. You have to be a web search detective to find solutions to the most basic tasks. When I realized how bizarre this whole process was I thought I’d stumbled upon some kind of sadistic network that makes you suffer for their own pleasure. Steam are like amateurs in a professionals world. This is how it should go: You purchase the retail version of a game. You enter the key code. The game installs and runs. Simple. Lets all go on strike and not buy any games under Steams umbrella. Then they might disappear.

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